Overwhelmed with choosing the right RV for your family?

Ready to make the change to nomadic minimalism?

Do you wish you had a guide on how to buy the best RV and tow vehicle for your family?

Are you tired of bending to the pressures of what society thinks are the ‘norm’ like a big house, the latest toys and a mountain of debt?

Then it might be time to consider leaving all that behind and heading out on a permanent adventure – TOGETHER!



What can you get from this $17 book?

  • Why the weight of your RV is SO IMPORTANT for the safety of your family

  • Why this lifestyle would be a good choice for you

  • How to figure out if you should pay cash or finance

  • Floor plans and hitches

  • Access to TWO specially formulated weight calculators valued at $9!

Even though we’ve had our share of campers over the years, this little gem was packed with vital information we were unaware of! $17 is SO WORTH the safety of you and your family – and others on the road.

Jahnae did a great job making it easy to understand and even includes an adjustable worksheet to figure out your numbers. Don’t pass on this purchase!
Rebecca Moxon

Does this sound like you?

  • You are tired of paying off a mortgage every month

  • Or tired of paying someone else’s mortgage every month

  • You hate being surrounded by so much stuff

  • You’d love to have more free time

  • You’ve been building a remote business and are ready to hit the road with it

  • You want to see more of the world before you get ‘too old’

This ebook was super informational and easy to read and understand for those in all stages of rving. I am currently in the planning stages of full time rv living and this touches on a lot of important points and will help me make big decisions before we take the leap! My husband and I were very confused on the tow vehicle we may need and all the weight guidelines but this is laid out and outlined nicely for us to use it as our guide when we are ready to make our purchase! Thank you For sharing your knowledge and experience with us! Elaine Alvarez

Then don’t wait! Grab your copy of

Wait! Can Your Vehicle Carry the Weight of your RV? 

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Hi, I’m Jahnae and I’m the mom of LongbyFive.

Why am I qualified to talk to you about full-time RV living?

We have been doing the RV life since 2016 with three kids and dog.

Along the way we had to figure out things like:
  • Why the weight of your RV is important
  • How to travel in an RV with young school-aged kids
  • How to live minimally
  • How to cook, clean and do laundry in a small space
  • And much more!

If you are saying yes along with all of this then look no further!

This ebook is fantastic! It touches on all of the stages and decisions that lead to full-time RVing. Jahnae’s detailed analysis of choosing the right tow vehicle is exactly what is needed in the RV world right now. The comprehensive explanations will help anyone make the right choices for their family, whether it be full-time RVing, choosing the right trailer, or purchasing the right tow vehicle. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise! Lori McRitchie

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