Are you looking for the perfect RV for your family?

Are you frustrated with sorting through all the photos and videos on the internet?

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RV Floorplan Database!


Hello! I’m Jahnae.


Mom and Wife at LongbyFive.

We are a full-time RV family for just over two years.


I used to be in your spot, completely overwhelmed with all the various floorplans.


Watch the video below on how I can help you.

Wow, this is such a valuable gold mine of data to help you find the perfect rig for your adventure! My husband and I spent months going through brochures – I wish I had this! It would have saved me so much work and stress! Suzi Whitford

We have been searching for a new camper and without a way to search for exactly what we need and want, we’ve just been aimlessly looking at fifth wheels with bunkhouses. With this database, searching is SO much easier. Extremely helpful and easy to use. Now we can look at fifth wheels that offer what we want and nothing else! Ashley Mahoney

I am loving the RV Floorplan database! It’s pretty easy to use, even for someone like me who is rather computer illiterate. I especially appreciate how it lists the years the floorplans were made so if you are looking for a used model you know what to look for! Misty Talbert

As of 2/7/19 there are over 800 “family friendly” floorplans. LongbyFive has established “family friendly” to be towable RV’s with hard sides and at least one bathroom. 


Included Brands from 2010-2019:

  • Jayco – completed

  • Keystone – currently in progress

  • Forest River – not done

  • Heartland – not done

  • Grand Design – not done

  • many more!

Disclaimer: The data in this product was collected from manufacturer sites and has been organized in a way to help you discover the perfect floorplan for your family. Please note: not all models will carry the same options. Dealers order their models to certain specifications. 

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