How we use Greenlight to teach our kids Money Management!

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When I decided that I wanted to start giving the kids an allowance, I thought long and hard about how it would work. I knew cash was not going to be an option, because I hardly ever carry cash and I wasn’t about to make a special trip to an ATM. Sometimes we’re in remote areas and finding an ATM is not the easiest thing. In these modern times with direct deposit now, I was thinking a debit card would be the best solution, that I could transfer the money over to their account(s) from my account.

I took the kids to our bank. Sadly, all they could offer was a checking account for my oldest, since she was 13, but NOT a student account (FREE), which to me really makes no sense. And they could only offer savings accounts for my other two since they were under 13. This is not exactly what I was wanting. I wanted them to be able to save BUT also be able to spend it and really buy what they wanted and to learn from their mistakes of a bad purchase, if they were to make one.

I sat down later that night and googled my little heart out and came across “Greenlight – debit cards for kids.” I’m thinking this is EXACTLY what I wanted. Their website I felt wasn’t all that informational, but I decided to take a stab at it and give it a go.

Setting up was EASY!

I sat down at my computer and started to create our account, which quite frankly, was SUPER easy and quick. There is a $4.99 fee for using their services, but does come with a 30 day trial. Note: the fee is PER family, not per child.

How this works: you set up a parent wallet. You add a checking account and/or debit card. You transfer funds from there to your parent wallet. Note: the limit on a checking account is $100 a day. If you wish to add more, you need to add a debit card.

I added each of the kids accounts. There is no extra cost for the debit card, BUT the child can personalize for $10. Of course, 2 of my 3 decided to personalize theirs and can you guess what they put on there? Pictures of Lucy, obviously! Ali chose not to personalize hers. We agonized over hundreds of photos and she just couldn’t make up her mind, so we decided to skip it for now.

There are some great features!

First the screenshots!

Spend: You can send the funds to a specific store or category where the child can spend it. This could come in handy if your child is out and about without you and you can want to make sure they spend their money wisely.

Save: You can put money aside for the child’s savings account and you can add an interest rate on it, if you’d like.

Giving: I love this option! We haven’t utilized it just yet, but I think is pretty self explanatory and amazing!

Earn: ALLOWANCES!!!! You can add chores and when you want them to be paid out, which day of the week and how often!


Be sure to turn on your notifications!

Another nice feature of Greenlight is that every time your child uses their card, you get a notification! Even though I was standing there the whole time with them at Walmart and I’m the one who personally used Ana’s card for her purchase online, it’s still cool!

Want to try it out for yourself?

Use this link and receive a $10 credit to your parent wallet after your 30 day trial!

If you give this a try be sure to let us know how you like it? Have you tried this in the past, currently use it? Let us know below!

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