This is a story of the many faces of the kitchen island

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Face 1 –

When we first bought our rig, the kitchen island was, yeah, you guessed it, BROWN! It was a solid brown and then had this “fancy” brown particle board with black lines. This is the only good picture I could find for a before. This was during our initial walk through at the dealer.

Face 2 –

We decided to paint the island a pistachio green-ish color. We used a primer and 2 coats of a latex paint. Now this color brought me happiness! It looked so clean and perfect! BUT sadly that didn’t last long. We didn’t use the right materials and sadly, we had issues fast! Because we used a latex paint anything that rubbed up against it or “stuck” to it, would ruin the face as soon as that item was pulled away. Also, with kids and a dog, any dirt or stuck on residue showed IMMEDIATELY. This is probably why RV’s are a brown color. It hides everything!

Face 3 –

We had decided to start playing around with “Peel n Stick” wallpaper and came up with this idea. I LOVED how this looked! but then felt the green didn’t look right at all. Also, you can see some spots where the paint had chipped off.

Face 4 –

I KNEW at this point that I wanted to repaint. I knew that what we used before was NOT a good choice. It was suggested that I go to Sherwin Williams and grab some of their primer. I lightly sanded one end of the island. LIGHTLY. I should note that I don’t think we have any real wood on the interior of our rig, maybe the frame but that’s probably it. It’s all pressed wood and particle board, so I didn’t want to sand TOO much. I cleaned that well and applied TWO coats of the Sherwin Williams. I let it sit for nearly 48 hours and did a scratch test and it scratched! Ok so back to the drawing board. It was then suggested to me to try Chalk Paint. I grabbed Chalky Paint and a Polycrylic Satin Finish from Lowes. I also had them match the color to the paint that I had been using for the cabinets (which will also need to be re-done…eventually.

I was told that the Chalky Paint can go over ANYTHING, so I decided to throw a coat on over the Sherwin Williams Primer without doing a thing to it. It goes on pretty thick, but it has decent coverage with just one coat. I also applied a thin strip on the other side right over the pistachio paint. I let that dry and sit overnight then applied a second coat. I let that sit overnight then put on the Polycrylic Finish. Note: This dries pretty fast and a thicker coat than a thinner coat would be better BUT be sure to watch out for drips.

I waited a full 24 hours before testing for a scratch and it came out wonderfully! Over the next week I did the rest of the island. It’s not the easiest thing to paint while living in it. It’s been almost a month now since the kitchen island was completed and we don’t have a single scratch on it at all! It is still a light color, so we do need to wipe it down every now and then, but I am more than happy to do that and not worry about scratches!

Final Product –

So what are your thoughts? Have you used Chalky paint? How did it go for you?