What are the main differences between a Traditional (Rear) Bunkhouse and a Mid-Bunkhouse?

Many families choose to go with a bunkhouse to give their kids a private set area. However, the choices between rear and mid are MANY. How do you know which one will fit your family best? Hopefully, this list will help you figure that out.

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Rear Bunkhouse

(please note these are generalized and each floorplan is slightly different)

  1. Rear Bunkhouses in a Fifth Wheel either have one slide or both! When you have a double slide bunkhouse this offers a WIDE area for the children to get down and play.
  2. They come with a second bathroom and usually will have a second entry door into the RV.
  3. Their beds are typically longer to allow for the kiddos to grow.
  4. Allow the children to be on the other side of the RV and away from the Master Bedroom.


(please note these are generalized and each floorplan is slightly different)

  1. Smaller floor space IN the Bunkhouse itself, but allows for more living space.
  2. Only has one bathroom and one entry door.
  3. Most come with a Loft. This would work well if you had an older child who wanted their set space away from the younger ones. Or more storage space!

We love our Rear Bunkhouse!

We ended up walking into a Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS. It had everything we wanted. The kids love their room and the space is great for them to get down and play with whatever they want, usually Legos. The second bathroom is extremely handy especially with the 5 of us. The second entry door was also a huge plus for us. The kids can come and go through that door as they please without traipsing throughout the RV. The living space has always been a changing area for us. We’ve pretty much pulled everything out and moved things around to work better for us. I’ll be making a new post about this soon and I’ll update.

Do you have a Bunkhouse? Did you choose a rear or mid-bunk model and why? Have any more questions, just let me know below!