Why Did we Choose a New Homeschool Curriculum for the New School Year?

Last year just wasn’t working for us. Click here to read about it. I loved it at first, it was very hands off for a parent. The lessons were laid out, the schedule was easy, all you had to do was input an end date and the system set up how much they needed to have done each day. It was the most glorious thing (at the time) that I had ever found and wondered why I never tried it earlier! BUT fast forward to the middle of the second semester, kids were upset! Some days there was screaming, and most days there were tears. They were just bored. So utterly bored at the way the material was being delivered and bored of the same old cartoons and characters and voices. There just wasn’t enough variety in their lives. We barely made it through the year alive! Then we took the summer off! We all needed that!

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Let’s do this!

I spent most of the summer ignoring the fact I would have to find something eventually. I knew I wanted it to end up being less than $50 a month, which was what we were paying for the online course and I would have preferred the new curriculum to be off-line, but I didn’t want to be picky.

Target finally started to set up their school supplies and I am such a sucker for the smell of new notebooks and sharpened pencils. While we hardly have a need for most of the items, I scour every shelf and ooh and ahh over everything, always thinking to myself “Oh, I COULD use that…eventually” “Nope, I live in an RV. If I can’t use it now then there’s no need.” Then I happened upon the shelf of Brainquest Books. We all know those books. Well, at least my kids do! Right next to the same workbooks was this funky looking book.


My Newest Obsession for Ana

I won’t lie. These books from the Big Fat Notebook series are EVERYTHING! I am seriously in love with them! “The Complete Middle School Study Guide – Everything You Need to Know to Ace English Language Arts in One Big Fat Notebook” is simply an epic book! They also have World History, American History, and Science! What we’ve decided to do was create a curriculum using these study guides. She has a notebook for each subject and writes down any important info. We supplement with a youtube video or something of the like on that day’s lesson. The pages of these books are so exciting because they look like a notebook that someone else doodled. No boring textbook like paragraphs. They re quite enjoyable to read as well.

Chase and Ali are a bit more simple

For Chase and Ali I chose to keep it easy this year and have them use Easy Peasy. It’s a completely free online curriculum! It is online based, but you can also print out papers, or even buy the workbooks!

The music lives on!

Even though we’ve moved on from our last stationary location of NINE Months, and guitar lessons are no longer happening, we still have them practice at least an hour with either free play or following a YouTube tutorial. Eventually we’ll have a big band! …maybe…Can you see me playing the drums or a Bass Guitar??? Yeah, I can’t either.

Well, that’s our 2018-19 School Year Curriculum. Of course, all things can change, but I’m happy for now. If you have any questions comment below!

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