Being Stationary is Not a Bad Thing

Many people feel the need to hit the road as soon as they move into their RV. They’ve just sold the house and downsized all of their belongings into the RV and possibly a storage unit. Many will hit the road immediately and start traveling and seeing the sites. To be honest, I don’t suggest doing this at all.ย Here are my top 3 reasons on why you should consider staying stationary for at least a month.

Reason #1 –

You have just moved into your RV and you more than likely have piles of stuff everywhere! Take the next few weeks and think thoroughly where everything will live. You will also find that you don’t really need certain items and you have packed too much into your RV. This will give you time to purge more!

Reason #2 –

You have just downsized into a SUPER small space. You need to learn HOW to live in it. How many groceries will actually fit. How the kids will store their toys and various belongings. How will you do shower schedules? How long does your water heater take to refill in between showers?

Reason #3 –

You need to learn the ins and outs of your RV BEFORE you learn to move it. Learn the maintenance schedule. No matter how new your RV, there are things that will need to tended to. Clean out the A/C coils, how long had it been sitting on the dealer lot? You should go over EVERY square inch of the inside and outside. You may come across some damage that needs to repaired before you go one step further. You may need to order supplies or other various things and being stationary for a bit will give you time to do all those things.

Reason #4

Give yourself at LEAST one month to stay in one place, but a few days before your first big trip, be sure to go through everything. If you haven’t touched certain items in that one month, what value does it really hold for you?