Who has space for all this?

If you’re living in an RV, probably not you. Who doesn’t love a good board game? They are great for rainy days, or those moments when you just have to get the kids off the electronics! Unfortunately, board games are big and bulky! So we went on an organizational mission!


I LOVE a beautifully organized shelf, so my first thought was to find some plastic folders with a wide bottom so they would stand. Something like this but without the inside plastic dividers.

However, I was unable to find exactly what I was wanting and you know how that goes. If it’s not exactly what you wanted, you don’t want it anymore.

Storage Bags are the answer!

I was finally just OVER the space wasting board games and bought a box of the storage gallon bags at the store. I took each game’s pieces and threw them in a bag along with any instructions. We stacked the board games on top of each other and just looked at the giant pile of board game boxes. It’s honestly quite amazing, how much wasted space there is in a board game box!

We were able to take the bagged games and the boards and throw them into one of those storage ottomans. Unfortunately, the Risk board isn’t able to fit so that found a home under the couch, just slides under there. Guess Who also isn’t in a bag because the main piece is too big so we opted to keep that in the box, and luckily, it fits in the ottoman perfectly!

Here’s the end result! The typical square game board fit perfectly fine in this ottoman and along with the bagged pieces and the Guess Who, we still have space for a few more board games!

Board Games in an ottoman

So when you’re getting ready to downsize, grab one of these ottomans! What’s your favorite board game?

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