There are SO many Facebook groups for full-time RV Living!

Why are there so many groups for Full-time families living the RV life? They all seem to be for the million questions that everyone has especially by those who are interested in the lifestyle. They end up looking like a question and answer forum more than anything else.

LongbyFive: Lessons about Full-Time RV Life

I created this Facebook group to be more of a teaching group. I plan on giving a visual into our life by going “live” in the group. For example, just this morning, I went “live” and went over the steps on how I flush our 5 tanks on our rig. I plan on going “live” at least 5 days a week and hopefully they all will be teaching moments. Some days just may be a “hey, how are ya’ll doing?”

Hope to see you there!


Is Full-Time RV Living for You?

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