Flies! Flies everywhere!

Spending time outdoors, right by our RV is one of our favorite things to do. Watch the kids play, watch the dog explore, watch some amazing sunsets and grill dinner, which currently is 5 nights a week! We don’t want that added heat inside the RV during the summer months. However, one of our biggest issues are flies and some of them bite! They are terrible especially while cooking! This also means they easily can fly inside because they’re hanging around you and then they’re buzzing around all night, driving you batty!

Let’s go back bit!

We did a seven month stint at the Multi Purpose Center in Hattiesburg, MS. If you’ve never stayed near an agricultural center or arena like this before, they can hold horse shows, barrel races, cattle show, etc. One particular weekend there was a cattle show and the flies were horrendous! You couldn’t open the door without having 5 flies zoom in with you! We had set up the sticky fly tape and while they were extremely effective for inside, we needed to find a way to keep them from coming in!

Random Shopping is fun!

One weekend while walking into random stores, we found these interesting fly traps meant for outdoor use. Note: These are reusable, if you’d rather have disposable, check these out instead. They come with a water dissolving packet that attracts the flies. You do NOT want to put this anywhere near your RV, you will want to place it at least 20 feet from your front door. The packet will attract flies, so place the trap where the flies can easily access it and not be near any openings to your rig. We also grabbed 2 of these poles, meant to hold small plants.

Our proof that it works!

In this first pic is one of our reusable traps. That stuff there on the bottom is the “attractant.” It’s just dirty from the previous use.

Second pic: This was after ONE hour and it was only 11 in the morning. The flies seem to worse in the evening, at least, that’s been our experience.

Third pic: This was after 4 days! Look at all those flies! And those are BIG ones too!

It’s a gross subject with disgusting pictures but these little traps have been amazing and so helpful for us! Have you tried these, or have another method you use to combat flies? Let us know in the comments!

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