Keeping cool in the summer can be a task.

Follow our tips and hopefully you can take a break and chill out.

Tip #1 – Clean your A/C Coils


A few weeks ago, I was walking through the kitchen and heard dripping water. It was coming from the A/C vent! I quickly called for Zachary, we shut off the system and jumped on the roof. We took apart the housing and discovered that the unit was starting to freeze! It had been running nearly non stop all day. I grabbed some towels and a hair dryer and we got to work. Once it was all melted, we turned it back on. the next morning, I hit the local store and grabbed 2 bottles of this coil cleaner one for each A/C unit. The coils were really dirty and the filter needed to be cleaned out as well. We have now added this to our 6 month maintenance list.

Tip #2 – Put Reflectix on your windows

Reflectix is basically shiny bubble wrap. We cut to size and it would fit snugly against the window in the trim. Some of the bigger windows, we needed to tape pieces together but we made it work.

Tip #3 – Cover the Vents

We chose to grab these Fan-tastic Vent Covers for all our vents. This also allows us to use the vents during a rain and not let us get wet in the process.

Tip #4 – Close the Bedroom Vents

We have two A/C units on our RV. One for the master bedroom and one for the REST of the RV. The master bedroom is so small and usually unoccupied during the day, it makes no sense to have all this cool air in there. We close all but one vent so that the cold air would be pushed to the rest of the RV.

What tips can you share to keep your RV cool? Let us know in the comments!

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