AllStays hasn’t failed us yet!

There are several apps out there, but we prefer AllStays. You can get it from iTunes.

AllStays has been our go-to app knowing where the nearest truck stop is located, or that a rest area is coming up, or what RV parks are in your area, or where you’re going.

Home Screen

The “home” screen is your location on a map. It will show you pretty much anything RV related in the area: campgrounds, truck stops, places to get propane, places like Walmart or Camping World, where you *may* be able to overnight park, low clearance brides, rest stops or welcome centers. You can use the filter feature to choose what you want to search.

The Campground Screen

Considering we travel for work, I pay a lot of attention to the campground feature. So far in our travels it has NOT missed a campground. Every single one we have come across is on the app! I can easily see where Zachary’s job site is located and start calling around to the nearby parks for information. In the campground screen, you have access to their phone number, website, directions via apple or google maps (you click on which you prefer), images, reviews, weather and forecast, and you have the option to share or update the info. You can even toggle the map to satellite view!

Do you have a favorite RV related app? Tell us about it below!