Our first blog post about blogging!

I put out a survey a month ago and an overwhelming number of you responded that you would be interested in seeing content about blogging. So here it goes!

The Genius Bloggers ToolKit

This is one of the bundles that was offered by Ultimate Bundles late last year. This bundle is available now for a QUICK flash sale and will go away Tuesday Night at Midnight EST! So best get yourself one if you’re the least bit interested in blogging or need help with your blog. The bundle also has information on non blog topics.

My personal review

When I came across this bundle, blogging was just an idea, but I HATED writing! Absolutely hated it. Writing and I did NOT mix at all in school. I knew I wanted a place other than social media to talk about adventures and at longer lengths.

I clicked on the bundle and found nearly $6000 worth of product at just $97 and I jumped right in! Yes, I’m a “jump right in and ask questions later” kind of person. With a 98% savings, I wasn’t wasting time!

I immediately printed out the manual and got busy to downloading all the e-books to my dropbox and signing up for all the courses. The next day I signed up for BlueHost and got busy to setting up my blog using one of the e-books.

I then started to go through the products one by one. In the manual they have a chart that lists the products by “beginner, intermediate, and advanced.” Obviously, I started with all the beginner products at first, slowly working my way through everything.

Of course, my favorite products are the ones that talk about Monetizing!

It’s not just for bloggers!

This Genius Bloggers Toolkit  is obviously geared towards bloggers, but I feel it’s also great for those that want to create products, like e-books, get into freelance writing, or even master Social Media like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube or even Podcasting!

Is this bundle for you?

I would look at the products list and tally up how many you would want. If you have more than $97 worth of product that you want I would def grab the bundle before times runs out!!!


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