With Mother’s Day around the corner…

It’s time to give a short shout out to all the moms. Moms work hard from the moment they wake up until the moment they lay their head down at night and still then, still working throughout the night. It doesn’t matter if mom is working outside the home, in the home, or doesn’t get a fancy paycheck, but you best believe that all moms are WORKING.

The fact of the matter is that moms are great at making things just happen behind the scenes. See that pile of clean laundry there? Yeah, your mom did that. See those clean dishes? Yep, she did that too! See that food in the fridge and pantry. Yep, it was that ninja mom again! She’s so sneaky! These are just the basics. Think about those great birthdays and fun vacations you’ve had in the past. Your mom planned those. Your dad may have had a say.

Moms are teachers

Regardless if you were homeschooled or not, your mom taught you many things. Moms teach you things through every day life. They way they interact with people is probably the biggest lesson. You also saw the way they deal with issues and problems. By watching your mom every day you in turn learned how to behave yourself.

If you were homeschooled, seriously, just go call her right now and say, “Thank You!” Homeschooling is NOT easy. Moms don’t choose to homeschool because they think it’ll be all butterflies and rainbows. They chose to homeschool because they knew it was best for YOU!

Moms are caregivers

When you get sick as an adult what’s one of the most common things everyone wants? Their mom. Mom is always there to help you feel better, maybe with a bowl of chicken soup, maybe it’s Vicks Vapor Rub, or maybe it’s with just an ice back rub.

It’s just in their nature to make sure that you are well and have everything you need.

Moms are tough

Even with the above and so much more, the one thing moms are is tough. They need to know when to step back so you can learn your own lessons and sometimes those can be heartbreaking for mom.

So on this upcoming Mother’s Day, think about your mom and how special she is to you. Send her a card, give her a call, give her a hug.