Time for another Reno post!

This time it’s the Living Room Slide!

Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS

In the Beginning

The RV was equipped with a dinette table and four chairs. We never loved it from the beginning. So after two weeks of our full-time journey we sold it on Craigslist. We then put in a four foot “yard sale” table, you know the ones you would use at a yard sale or at a vendor event? Yes, we’ve had lots of those in our past and we kept some knowing they would be handy at some point. We added 3 folding chairs we already had as well and that was our space for the first few months where the kids could do school, eat, and do any activities or crafts.

The couch. Let me tell you, I do NOT miss that couch! It was more the size of a loveseat. An adult couldn’t lay on it without their feet hanging off the end. Plus the back cushions were fluffy almost making the seat space smaller than a typical couch. Then the “hide-a-way” bed? Again, an adult could not lay on it comfortably. I did use it once during a Walmart boondocking evening and I had to sleep diagonally so my feet wouldn’t hang off the edge!

Here’s a quick look at what this space looked like during our original walkthrough before we purchased the RV.

2016 Jayco NorthPoint 375BHFS


The dining space has had a few transitions In February, we adopted Lucy. She was just 8 weeks old and we knew she needed her own space as well as a place for her crate. We’ve tried several different configurations and even different size tables. I’m still not even sure it’ll stay the way it is now, but it works for us for right now!

As for the couch, we pulled out that brown monstrosity and replaced it with two armless pieces from a sectional sofa. For me, going armless really helps keep the space open. It took many visits to furniture stores over a month’s time to find the right pieces. We weren’t sure if we wanted a couch, a sleeper sofa (that fit in the space), or sectional pieces. We couldn’t get a traditional sleeper sofa because they were too long. There were some that could have worked for our space. We also were not into getting a traditional couch, we found them too big and gaudy and not to our taste. In the end, we discovered that taking pieces from a sectional sofa is what worked best for us.

In progress

Here’s what the Living Room Slide looked like after the couch was pulled out and after I had already painted one wall. I am terrible at remembering to take before pics.

Living Room Slide during Reno in Jayco NorthPoint 375BHFS

All Done!

We decided to go with a True Peach color to brighten the walls and continued with the light gray for all the wood. We chose a cute watercolor fabric to cover the valances. We will probably switch out the two light fixtures eventually, but it’s not high on our priority list. The area to the left is Lucy’s area and the kids table for whatever they need.

Jayco NorthPoint 375BHFS

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