Why is everything so brown?!

Seriously! Roughly 90% of RV’s have no other colors than various shades of beige or brown. On bright sunny days, we typically keep the shades shut to keep the heat out. It ends up looking like we live in a brown dungeon. On rare occasions, we have the shades open and the inside looks just fine.

Children’s Bunkhouse

Here’s what the bunkhouse originally looked like. It’s a bit of mess, because we were starting to move things around before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture!

Jayco NorthPoint 375BHFS Bunkhouse

This was a fun project! I had each child choose their own color for their bunk. I chose the colors for the walls and wood, I needed to cover as much brown as possible!

Also to state for the record, that I have never painted before and I learned A LOT about painting on this project!

Window treatment

Again, trying to cover as much brown as possible, we took down the valances. I was thinking about tossing them completely, but our blackout shades are connected to it. Simplest solution was to just cover it. Headed to Hobby Lobby and going straight to the canvas fabrics. The kids chose this one!

Valance on Jayco NorthPoint 375BHFS

End result!

Jayco NorthPoint 375BHFS newly painted!

Finishing Touches

We still have a few things we need to do. One is to find a place to hang their guitars. Another is to find a fabric Ana likes that matches the room for a new privacy curtain. If you notice in the final picture, we also chose not to put back up the small curtain that covered the windows in the bunks. We use a bubble foil to keep the heat/cold out so the shade really didn’t serve a purpose at all. The foil can be removed easily at any time if the kiddo wishes to look outside or have natural light.

Let us know in the comments what you think!