Honeycomb Campground is situated on the east side of Guntersville Lake. We arrived the week of Thanksgiving, during off season. Let me tell you, what a beautiful time of year! There were not many spots taken except for a few long term residents, so we had our pick of the place! We chose a BEAUTIFUL spot along the lake! It was an incredibly amazing week!ย We did spend a good portion of the week spending time with my parents and 4 siblings. (of whom we hadn’t seen in almost 4 years) But early mornings were all about hanging around outside and enjoying the beautiful scene.

Honeycomb Campground

Zachary took this time to take out his drone for some practice.


As far as amenities goes, spending just a week during off season didn’t really give us a good chance to try out much of anything. I will say this, they have a beach area into the lake, it looks like it’s sectioned off to keep fish out. They have at least two bathhouses throughout the park. We used them for the convenience that we could all shower in less time than it would take in the RV. During the summer months, they have boats and jet skis you can rent out as well.

If you ever visit, let us know what you thought about Honeycomb Campground.

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