Always attend an RV SuperShow whenever possible

I love going to an RV show! Any size show really! But you will gain the most information from a SuperShow. What is a “SuperShow?” A SuperShow is a BIG RV show. They aren’t necessarily named a SuperShow though. There are several different kinds of RV Shows. Some are just a few dealers in the area, and some are dealers from ALL over! I prefer the bigger ones because you can REALLY learn about some new products and see a HUGE variety of RV’s! We attended the 2018 Florida SuperShow this past January and this is where we learned about the MORryde StepAbove!

Typical RV steps can be treacherous

RV steps are attached to the RV and swivel and fold down and usually just hang there and do not touch the ground. Many people have found these unstable and it does take some getting used to using. Sadly, many people have fallen and have injured themselves.

MORryde StepAbove at the Florida SuperShow

We always go straight for the exhibitor’s tent/arena at an RV show. We came upon a really nice set up by MORryde. They had an RV door with the MORryde StepAbove set up. This example had the 3 step option. The moment you stepped on the bottom step, you immediately felt the difference! These steps are SO much more secure than your typical RV steps! They come with an optional hand rail which we opted for, the handrail that comes off the side of our RV is too high up for Ali to reach still. The steps also have an extender at the bottom of the last step so that it comes into contact with the ground. That’s how they become so secure! They also have a storage box you can purchase separately that goes in the spot where your old RV steps used to live.

Simply Easy to Use

These steps are basically one solid piece, as in there is no folding of each step needed. Honestly, I’ve sometimes gotten stuck a few times trying to put my old steps away or out! I would have to find something to bang on them to get them to move! These steps simply lift together as once piece and clips into the door frame! To bring them down, just grab the handle and turn to release it from the frame!

MORryde StepAbove

MORryde StepAbove

Things to note:

Not all MORryde StepAbove are created equal. You will need one specific to your rig size. Please see the chart below.

Size Chart for MORryde StepAbove

We are extremely pleased with these steps! Do you have the MORryde StepAbove? What do you think?

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MORryde StepAbove