The InstantPot is amazing!

If you haven’t heard about or tried the InstantPot, you really need to get on that! The InstantPot is basically a glorified pressure cooker. But it can do SOOOO much! For my family of 5 we have the 6 quart and it’s perfect! If you have more family members or wish to have leftovers, I would suggest going a size up. I do know people who have two IP’s! While you are at it, I would suggest this cookbook. There are other books out there geared towards different diets, and of course, there is Pinterest!

First Success!

I, quite honestly, hate cooking, almost despise it really. But being a mother and wife I felt I should learn how to cook a decent meal. I took a chance on the InstantPot because I had heard so many good things about it. The first recipe I tried was for Chicken and Dumplings out of the book I mentioned above.

Chicken and DumplingsI really was so scared to give it a try, but let me tell you, it was SOOOOOO good! It came out perfectly and took me roughly 10 minutes for prep, and it was done in less than an hour! Keep in mind, recipes usually won’t include the time it takes for the InstantPot to come to pressure. I have since tweaked the recipe a bit. I’ll have to post it next time I cook it.

Another Success!

The next recipe I tried was for a Shrimp Alfredo, also out of the book I mentioned. I have tweaked this one as well to fit our tastes, but the same thing, a few minutes for prep and the food is done in less than an hour and it was AMAZING!

Do you have an InstantPot? What’s your favorites recipe?