Agricenter’s are great but a fun story first!

We’ll start this one with a fun story. We left my parents the week after Thanksgiving and decided to hit up Memphis. It was just a little over 200 miles away. We didn’t leave terribly early knowing we had time to get to our destination. We stopped once for lunch and to refuel. About midday, Zachary had a phone call he needed to make and pulled over into a truck stop. That almost ended up being a two hour ordeal. By the time we arrived at Meeman Shelby Forest State Park, it was DARK! Not a little dark, completely dark! Due to the fact that it was a state park, there were NO lights within the park itself either, and add in the trees to hide any light from the moon as well.

It took us an hour to find our spot and during that time, due to our length and the tiny roads and the lack of light, we swiped a tree as we were turning. Luckily, it didn’t cause any damage other than it broke off our gutter extension by the roof. I should have mentioned these were all back ins as well. IN THE DARK! We somehow magically pulled our frayed nerves together enough to back in Dancer into this tight spot. We get Dancer leveled, get the power and water connected and then we open the slides and we FINALLY walk inside and start our evening routine, until we both look at our phone, 3 providers, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have ZERO service! Nothing! Zachary CANNOT be without cell signal. He must be able to take a call at all times for work, so we all packed an overnight bag and headed to the nearest hotel.

The Next Morning

We do a search for RV parks and come across the Agricenter. This was interesting to us because we had NO idea that places like this had RV spots. After some thinking, it makes sense though, for people who frequent events and things like that, need a place to stay and why always go to a hotel when they can stay right on site.

We go to tour the Agricenter and while the amenities weren’t great at the time, we decided it was better than ZERO signal in a heavily wooded state park. After a few hours, we are now parked and paid for the next week!

Always something to do!

This park at the time was all gravel, but according to their website they have paved the roads. The lots themselves are still gravel. These spots are a decent size as well. They have laundry facilities and two bathhouses. I did not personally use either of these.

Our biggest takeaway from staying at an Agricenter was that these places almost always have something going on! Since we were in Memphis, in a big city, the Agricenter had SEVERAL shows going on while we were there, especially considering Christmas was just a few weeks away. One was a ‘junkers’ kind of show, one was a craft show, and in another building they even had a rodeo! It was a very busy week, but it was nice that we were able to participate in all this and we never had to get in a car!

Purge Time

While we were here, we hit our 30 day mark of being full time! Going into this lifestyle, we knew that purging would always be a fact of life. You can’t keep accumulating stuff without getting rid of stuff.

Have you stayed at an Agricenter before?