Traditions are important

One thing I know is that every family has traditions. They aren’t all the same, but they are just as important to each family! We don’t have many but the few we do have we deem VERY important.

Japanese Hibachi is LIFE!

Back when we were first married we found ourselves scratching our heads about what to do for Christmas dinner. I wasn’t about to cook for the two of us, we had known for a while that I am NO cook. What are the only places open on Christmas anyway? Chinese restaurants! Over the next few years, Chinese Christmas Dinner also started becoming a thing for Thanksgiving and somehow turned into Hibachi. I’m not sure at what point we decided to try Hibachi but I’m glad we did! Japanese Hibachi is now an every major holiday thing as well as all birthdays!

We went back to Wasabi Steakhouse in Estero, FL. We have been there twice before for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are some Japanese Hibachi Steakhouses in Naples, where we currently are staying, but once we find a good place, we tend to stick with it.

Shopping Time!

Another tradition that we started about 8 years ago was to NOT have the traditional birthday party. The last party I “held” was for Chase when he turned 2 and the only person that showed up was my sister. After all the effort of organizing a party, I stated that I was done with parties! Since then, birthdays are much more low key. We choose one day that Zachary is off that week or weekend, so that we can celebrate as a family. We then take the birthday person to the store of their choice and buy them whatever they want, within reason of course. Usually for the kids, that means a new video game or a lego set. For me however, that meant a visit to the Coach Outlet, which is literally in the same plaza as the Wasabi Steakhouse. I was in need of a new wallet and they just so happened to have an extra deal on them, I walk out of there with 2 new wallets for just $80! SCORE!

A few weeks ago, we upgraded my phone to the new iPhone X as well. You’ve been seeing some new pics and videos taken by this awesome phone all over the blog and social media! And if you haven’t, go check out our Instagram!

What family traditions do you have for birthdays? Let us know in the comments!