Our Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS is a monster!

We named her Dancer and she isn’t the biggest RV out there, but it’s certainly on the larger end of the spectrum. It’s 43.5′ long. Weighing in loaded at just under 16,000 pounds. The image below is my first solo trip!

Jayco NorthPoint 375BHFS

Practice, practice, practice!

My first time driving Tiny Dancer on my own, we were on our way to Savannah, Ga on our maiden voyage. Zachary had driven us from Orlando to just north of Jacksonville. He pulled into a truck stop and situated us in an easy spot so that I could pull out and onto I-75 with ease. I was close to hitting a curb those first few yards, but I made the 3 turns to get us onto the interstate.ย At first I was barely going 45 MPH, I was so scared, that I wasn’t staying in the lines. I noticed that the rig is the exact same width as my truck and then I started to feel much better. I finally got myself up to 60MPH and decided that that was as fast I was going to go. Still to this day, I much prefer to stay around 60-65MPH.

During each trip, I would try to do a least an hour of driving per day to gain practice. We went into this lifestyle knowing that I would be the primary driver because Zachary has to fly to his job locations.

General Tips

  • All tires are rated differently. Please KNOW the maximum speed your tires allow.
  • I do NOT do any night driving. Mainly because I can’t see anything in my rear view mirrors and if I am or not within the lines.
  • I limit my daily driving to no more than 300 miles. I stop at least every two hours to check tires and the hitch, so 300 miles and stops is a long enough day for me.

If you have any tips, please leave them below.

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