Help! I need to check my email!

Ok, probably Facebook. How do we get internet while on the road is a question we are asked often. Truth is, there are many different options out there. It just depends on what works for your family.

Our Current Internet Connections

For years we have been customers of AT&T. But at the time of our launch they did not have an unlimited plan. We decided to go over to T-Mobile and purchase an unlimited data plan with them for internet. Walked out with a free phone and a free tablet, opting for their best unlimited plan on the tablet. The usage on the tablet varies from park to park. Sometimes the park offers wi-fi and sometimes they don’t.

A few months later, AT&T came out with their unlimited plan, so we upgraded, of course!

Zachary’s work phone is through Verizon along with an unlimited hotspot.

One thing to note about these unlimited plans is that they aren’t truly unlimited. The fine print usually states that you will be “throttled” after a certain amount of usage. While this is true, we have had ZERO throttling in our year and a half of full time life.

Other Internet Options

There are other ways to be connected. Some RV’ers purchased a grandfathered unlimited Verizon plan. You can’t buy them from Verizon anymore, but you can obtain them from third parties, such as Ebay or through a FullTime Family Membership. Some buy a few phones to get the data they need. You must need to sit down and see what makes sense for your family.

Free Wi-Fi

You always have to keep in mind that there are a lot of places that offer free wi-fi for internet access. Coffee Shops, libraries come to mind and some of the bigger internet providers just offer free wi-fi around major cities and towns. This has come in handy many times.

The Occassional UN-connected moment

We did once pull into a state park that was situated along a river and a decent drive away from the nearest city. Parked and set up and then went to sit down and realized we had ZERO signal which meant ZERO internet. Due to the fact that Zachary NEEDS to have cell phone signal, we ended up in a hotel that night. That’s a story for another time!