Our First Real RV Park Experience

We had moved out of our townhome in Orlando on October 31, 2016. We went to Kissimmee to a local RV Park, Mill Creek RV Resort, because we needed to make sure the townhome was cleaned and painted and ready to turn over back to the management company.

The week before we went and secured our spot, having no idea how long we would be there, we opted to get the monthly rate. At the time, there was a special since it was off season for just $350! What a steal! Our electric was being metered but still a steal!


We arrived around 3pm and was shown our spot. It was definitely a tight spot. The spot was in an area that was wooded, considering the size of our rig, this was an interesting moment. We had to swing SO wide that we were in the lot next to us an we had to do a number of back and forth’s to get us in the right space. I will say the trees offered us some very lovely shade!

We finally get all situated and leveled and “home!”



Mill Creek RV Resort

Our Stay

Our stay was great, honestly! We never had any issues with any of the many “fulltimers” which there were many at the time. We never had any issues with any of the staff. The Clubhouse has a pool table and they hold Bingo at least once a week.

Our Departure

We ended up leaving a week early to spend Thanksgiving with my parents in Alabama. We spoke with management and they waived the electric bill for our 3 weeks in lieu for our 4th week of rent that we pre paid.

*This is Post 6 of my “31 Blog Posts in 31 Days” Challenge.