Rain Days aren’t so great when you live in a small space.

Let’s face facts. Living in a small space isn’t terrible when you can open the door and have all that around you to explore. But when you take away the ability to go outside, that changes things.

We’ve been to some amazing RV parks and some not so amazing that were literally just a field of dirt. Adding rain to a field of dirt is not my idea of a good time, but if it’s not thundering outside, I still let me kiddos play outside, I just do my best to have them strip right in the doorway and straight into the shower!

Thunderstorms are not our friend

If it’s thundering outside, I don’t let the kiddos play outside. We opt to do a few different things.

We stay in and do one of these:

  • Movie Night
  • Play Board Games
  • Clean and purge (this is not preferred by the kiddos)
  • Color
  • Take a nap (my preferred activity)

We go out and do one of these:

  • Hit the mall
  • Hit the Library or Bookstore
  • Go Bowling

What fun things do you do with your family on rainy days? Let us know in the comments.

*This is Post 5 of my “31 Blog Posts in 31 Days” Challenge.