SimpliSafe is a great option because security is a big concern for us.

It always has been. When we moved to Jacksonville, FL we didn’t feel that we were in the best of communities. I was a hard core couponer at the time and my newspapers were always being stolen, just to give you an example. The apartment we had at the time was on the ground floor and had one main entry door and two patio doors, one from the living room and one from the bedroom, along with several windows. We started researching security systems.


First, we had to decide if we wanted “wired” versus “wireless.” Considering we were renting and hopefully for just a few months we decided to go with a wireless system. Keep in mind this was back in 2010, there weren’t that many! We heard about SimpliSafe on an ad somewhere and we checked it out online.


Checking out the website, we instantly wanted the system! The company launched in 2009 so it was still in it’s early stages, but what it offered was perfect for us and opted for a customer package.

Our package included:

  • Base Station
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Panic Button
  • 2 Keychain Remotes
  • 3 Motion Sensors
  • 4 Entry Sensors

We opted to go with the $19.99 a month monitoring package, which is basically just the monitoring. Note: we have since upgraded to the $24.99 package. We have access to SMS/Text alerts and remote control from an app on our phones.

In the end, we ended up paying just under $400 to get started with SimpliSafe!

Using SimpliSafe in a House

One of the things we loved about SimpliSafe is that we could take it with us wherever we went! We moved 4 times over the next 5 years. Having the ability to just peel the sensors off the walls and windows with the use of command strips makes for easy removal and installation. We made sure that each window and entry had a sensor. At one point, we did need to order more sensors for the extra windows. We kept the keypad by the front door so that we could always set it and shut it off as soon as we left or walked in.

Using SimpliSafe in our RV

Some of you may be thinking to yourself, how does it connect if you don’t have internet? Simple answer! Included in your monthly monitoring is Cellular Connection! The base station comes with built in cellular GSM technology. This is why we decided to take SimpliSafe with us!

We use the system exactly as if we were in a house! The only difference really is that we need to update our address in our account on SimpliSafe‘s website so IF something were to happen, that the correct local police department would be called.

We installed entry sensors on ALL doors and storage bays.

SimpliSafe at work on an RV





































We keep the keypad on the wall next to the main entry door, and the base station in our closet above our washer/dryer combo.

SimpliSafe at work in an RV.

SimpliSafe at work on an RV

If you have any questions about SimpliSafe, please leave them below!

*This is Post 4 of my “31 Blog Posts in 31 Days” Challenge.