Who doesn’t love fun mail?

When I first came across KiwiCo, I was instantly intrigued. There are all kinds of subscription services out there, all ranging from makeup, clothes for the whole family, pet boxes, all kinds of food and even one just full of pens! Yes, I said just pens, and yes, I plan to try that one as well! I decided to take a chance on KiwiCo because it was a box for the kiddos. I’ve tried a few subscriptions for myself in the past, but I wanted one for the this time around.


One of the reasons I was interested in KiwiCo is because they have SO many options and pretty much cover a child from 0-16! The pricing is extremely affordable at just $19.95 a month and can go as low as $16.95, and did I mention FREE shipping!

  • The “Cricket” Crate – Explore and Discover – covers ages 0-36 months old. “Building a Foundation for Learning.” Their current subscription box is for ages 24-36 months. They are working on releasing a box for 4-23 months and they currently have a one time purchase box (included with 3 projects) for 0-3 months named “Newborn Pack.” To top it off, a portion of every Cricket Crate purchase is donated towards research about child development.
  • The “Koala” Crate – Play and Learn Activities – covers ages 3-4 years old for “budding innovators.”
  • The “Kiwi” Crate – Science, Art & More –  covers ages 5-8, to “tinker, create and innovate.”
  • The “Doodle” Crate – Art and Design Techniques – covers ages 9-16+, a “studio for hands on creativity.”
  • The “Tinker” Crate – Science and Engineering – covers ages 9-16+, “a laboratory for hands-on STEM projects.”

MORE options!

  • There are NO commitments, you can cancel anytime.
  • You can also switch crates at any time as well! Have multiple children but only want to order one subscription? No problem! I’m switching my lines for my kiddos each month! Next month, I’m going to do the Doodle Crate for Ali!
  • There is also an option to add a specially curated book to tie in with each theme for an extra cost.

Our Experience

We received our box last week and the kids were just dying to tear into it! It was a “Spin Art Machine!” This was a GREAT first box for us! They had a blast putting it together and then creating with it! You can check out our video Here!


Your Turn

If you would like to give KiwiCo a try, click here and get $10 off your first box!

*This is Post 2 of my “31 Blog Posts in 31 Days” Challenge.