Finding the right Orthodontist

When I had my initial consultation with my Orthodontist about getting braces, I told her up immediately that my family would become full time travelers. I wanted to start the process but only if she could abide by my rules that I could only be back into town every 3 months. She explained that it was definitely doable and was very excited about the idea and explained that she had plenty of clients that already do that. This was exactly what I wanted to hear!

I have heard others tell me that their orthodontist would NOT work with them and they needed to be stationary. In that case, I would keep asking around your area, until you find someone to work with you.

I went back twice before we started our full time adventure.

Finally Full time!

We finally went full time and hit the road and headed out of Orlando.

Since then we’ve been in the SouthEast the whole time. Like clockwork, the day before my appointment, I would pack up the kiddos and we would hike back to Orlando in the truck. Leaving the rig where it was because Zachary still needed a home at night since we travel for work. Thankfully though, it’s never been longer than a 13 hour drive. We would stay the night in a local hotel and usually have lunch with a friend or two and even stick in a visit with another friend or two. I always liked having this time to connect with friends that we hadn’t seen in months.

What about ย an emergency visit?

Luckily, I never had a broken bracket. Once my teeth were straight enough, roughly 18 months in, my wire would start shifting. It shifted so much once that it completely slipped out of a back bracket and was poking me really badly on the other side. I did some quick googling and found an orthodontist not far from where we were. I just randomly walked in and the dentist himself was standing right in the front office, I gave him my quick story and he offered to adjust the wire back in place at no cost, I offered to pay him but he wasn’t having it. This was my ONLY emergency visit in two whole years!

My teeth still continued to shift so I had to keep a pair of pliers handy to pull them back into place. I just had to be sure to pull them back into place before they pooped out of the back bracket again.

Side note: know what system you have. I had the Damon Braces System. This could come in handy as not all Ortho’s use the same. Also, be prepared to pay for an emergency visit.

The end is near

This past December after 21 months, I was told that I was almost done! Imagine my excitement. Then they let me know that I was needed in a month! At this time we were only 3 hours away, so I obliged. At the next visit, they took an x ray scan of my teeth to make my retainers!! After 3 weeks, I went in to remove my braces!!! What a joyous day!!! I now have to wear these retainers for 6 weeks straight, and then a retainer check. I then have a 3 month appt after that, and then a 9 month appt after that. I’m honestly not sure what those are for exactly, all I know is that the braces are off and I’m happy!

Quick Notes

  • I liked going “home” for quick visits with family and friends, but if that’s not a possibility, you could call around and see if there is an ortho that could see you for an adjustment. Just know that this probably will not be an easy feat.
  • I paid completely out of pocket, and was able to put the entire cost on a loan with Lending Club. Definitely an option in case you don’t have ortho coverage in your insurance.

Here’s my before and after!

Braces Before and After

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*This is Post 1 of my “31 Blog Posts in 31 Days” Challenge.