Not sure what I’m getting myself into

I’m an over thinker. If you know me, you know this already. I’m an avid list maker. Not necessarily good at crossing things off. I tend to overthink everything on the list and in the precise order that it needs to be done to work efficiently. By spending so much time on making things perfect, I end up just wasting time, and a LOT of it. I love our little blog and the impact it can make on our family and on others and I want it to be successful, however, I am always overthinking EVERY STEP!


Content! Every good blog should have lots of content! We lack in this department! Most of the issue here is the time. Again, the time I spend on making the blog look perfect (which it doesn’t), I could write up a blog post! The time I spend scrolling social media (ugh, I’d rather not think about how much time that sucks up!) I could be doing something else PRODUCTIVE!

Personal Challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself to 31 blog posts in 31 days! What will I write about? Well, I certainly don’t have 31 ideas in my head but here’s what I have so far. Note: just ideas, some may not become actual posts.

Why March?

Why not start today? I personally have always been one to “just start now, why wait for the next week or New Year’s or whatever? Tomorrow the kiddos and I are driving up to Orlando for my VERY last Ortho appt on Wednesday. Then Monday through Wednesday of next week, we’re taking a MUCH needed family vacation and going to LegoLand. Oh, just added that to the ideas!

Let’s see how it all works out, regardless, you’ll be learning a lot about our family in March.

If you have a topic you would like us to cover about any aspect of our life, please comment below and I’ll add it to the list!


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