One load at a time with the Splendide WD2100XC!

We took a really long time weighing our options in terms of laundry. Did we want to go to the laundromat every week and do laundry for several hours? Some RV’ers prefer this route, especially moms that want some down time. They take it as a good time to leave the kids with dad and have some “me time.” While that was definitely an option, being a family of 5, and downsizing our clothing, we wouldn’t really make it a week without wearing something dirty. No one wants that. Plus, using a public washer weirds me out a little.

We finally decided we did want to be able to do our own laundry in the rig. BUT what kind did we want?

A stackable or a combo?

We had originally wanted to get a stackable. Having the ability to have two loads going at the same time sounded like a great idea to us! We looked ALL over town that sold appliances. Our biggest thing to keep in mind was the height. The area for the washer/dryer was in the master bedroom in the nose of the rig, which meant the ceiling of the closet sloped down towards the back. This went on for weeks, not finding anything in person suitable nor small enough.

Splendide Combo

We finally decided to take the plunge and get the most talked about RV combo washer/dryer. The Splendide WD2100XC* is an amazing little machine! We bought it from Amazon and it was delivered via a semi truck! That was interesting to see a  big truck like that coming down the small residential road of my neighborhood, but he made it in and out! And there it sat in my garage, my new washer/dryer combo! We decided to run a test wash with a pair of pants. We propped ourselves right in front of it and watched it as if it were a fire pit. It felt like forever, but at least we knew it worked.

Moving in

One day before we launched we brought Dancer to the house and started to prep for the installation. We measured and knew that we had to remove both the bedroom door and the closet doors to get the washer/dryer through. Zachary took his dolly and rolled the washer/dryer over to the base of entry steps. We then tried to lift the machine up the steps into Dancer. Tried is the keyword there. It wasn’t long until a neighbor drove by and stopped his car in the middle of the street to help Zachary get the washer/dryer up the steps. So very thankful for that timing. This thing weighs 145 pounds! I have no idea why I thought I would be able to help! I’m such a weakling! Zachary was able to get it up into the master bedroom on his own though.

Measure Once, Cut Twice…

We opted to go vented. Zachary had used ventless dryers before and worried that it would take forever for our loads to dry in a proper amount of time. Unfortunately, there were NO stickers or anything on the inside that would suggest on where a good place to drill a hole for a vent should be placed. We started on the inside wall with a small hole and dug through the insulation to the outer wall  and checked on the outside to make sure we weren’t near any edging. We reached around between the walls to see if there were any wires in the way and we felt like we were in a good spot.

Zachary grabbed his drill, we decided to move the hole over just a little to get away from the edging of the cap, we started drilling the hole from the outside. It went great for about 2 seconds then we realized something was wrong! He couldn’t get very far at all so he stopped and we realized we were cutting into the edge of a stud! There were some, ok, MANY expletives said that afternoon. After everyone calmed down, we checked again for a good spot and moved over to the OTHER side of the stud and drilled the hole easily.

We bought these parts to finish out the installation.

Final Touches

We installed the Dryer Vent Kit and attached the elbow on the inside. Then we bolted down the pan to catch any water from possible future leaks. Then it was time to move the monster into place! We shimmied it over to the closet and carefully propped it up and shimmied it into it’s final resting place and secured it there with the mounting brackets. Popped on the vent hose and bam, we were fully installed!

Here’s what the final oops looked like on the outside of the RV.


We taped the “oops” until we could get our paint guy to come fill it in and paint it over.

Taped the oops

He did a fantastic job, you can’t even tell anything had happened!

All better!

And here is the Splendide WD2100XC in the closet and ready to use!

Splendide WD2100XC


So how long does a load take?

There are several wash options but typically, it takes an hour and a half to wash and about another hour to dry. Each morning, I grab all the dirty laundry that was worn the day before except for Zachary’s work clothes and get that load started. Then it dries, depending on the cycle you want, usually around 2.5 hours total. Obviously, stuffing the drum will cause it to not wash properly and take forever to dry.

Again, because we opted for vented, it dries faster, but can also clog the hose with junk. After about 6 months, we had a clog. We had been to some really sandy areas and we have Lucy with shirt bulldog hair so we had a bad clog. I had to get get on top of the washer/dryer and with pliers and any skinny long tools I could find, I was able to get the clog out.  Now I set a reminder to just check it every few months plus I shake out the clothes really well outside before throwing them in the wash.

Our Laundry Process

As soon as that first load is done, I do a Zachary work load every other day. I do towels once a week, that’s kids towels in one load (we have thinner towels) and one load with mine and Zachary’s towels and any hand towels (bathrooms and kitchen). Once a week I’ll do floor mats. Once a week I do all bedding. We do NOT have extra bedding, so each bed gets their own days to get clean. Note: UP to a queen comforter can fit in the combo.

I would NOT suggest it to go through a whole dry cycle. We all have our full comforters (Zachary and I have never been able to share) and those fit well in the combo and dry ok, you’ll have to go in halfway and pull it out and put it back in. Plus Lucy’s stuff so she’s probably an extra load or two through the week as well.

In short, it runs almost every day, from 9am-4pm. I do NOT do any laundry on Sunday, but maybe one load from the clothes the day before.

Also, some loads take longer than others. Lighter loads fill up faster and dry faster, for most blankets and towels, I pull out after 20 minutes and let it hang dry over the dehumidifier so those dry rather quickly. 

Do you have a washer/dryer in your rig? What do you use? How have you liked it? let us know in the comments.

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