The Beginning

Lucy is a one year old English Bulldog. She is the most cutest thing you’ll ever see! We found Lucy during our stay in Mississippi. We would always google search for bulldog breeders in each new town we visited. To our surprise, there was a breeder in the next town over. My mom inquired about any puppies and he texted right back with a few adorable pictures!

Here’s one of those gorgeous puppies!

#lucythebulldawg when she was a tiny pup. English Bulldog


Yep, that’s our Lucy above!

The Big Meeting

When we arrived to the breeder’s house, there was a really petite solid white female that sat in a corner the whole time and her brother that had the same coloring as Lucy, but sat in front of the small female almost as if he was protecting her. There was another female slightly larger than Lucy, but this girl was all over the place excited to see the world.  My mom sat down on the floor and one little cute bulldog walked into her lap and just laid there.  It was love at first sight. This is a pic my mom took that day!

#lucythebulldawg at 8 weeks old!

We did it!

When we were headed home with our new fur-baby, we looked at each other and said “What did we just do!” Lucy is our first family dog, but she is more than a new dog, she is a friend, a family member, a new thing to dress up.

#lucythebulldawg all dressed up!

Sometimes, I think Lucy is a cat she hates water and she is always sleeping.

Her favorites things to do 

When she is sleepy she starts to nurse her favorite toy

  • When my mom leaves her spot on the bed, Lucy likes to sit in the exact same spot because it’s warm.
  • Her all time favorite thing to do is sleep. Lucy is a really lazy dog.
  • Every time I get something to eat she always sits right next to me in hopes that I’ll share, which I sometimes do, but just a nibble!
  • Lucy hates getting her face cleaned.
  • Lucy does not enjoy taking a bath.

Such a spoiled dog, we even have a stroller for her!

#lucythebulldawg in her HPZ Pet Rover

This is one of our favorite things we’ve purchased for Lucy. We looked all over the right stroller and HPZ Pet Rover (affiliate link)goes UP to 50 pounds! Lucy loves to go with us whenever we can so we have used the stroller A LOT since we bought it! We have had to replace one wheel, but the company has lifetime warranty on the wheels!

Yesterday (February 1st) was Lucy’s first birthday. She loved her new toys!

#lucythebulldawg's first birthday!

If you have any questions for me about Lucy, ask them below!