Who wants extra income?

Doesn’t everyone? I discovered Survey Merchandiser just a month ago and I thought it time to review for our readers. Links to download at the bottom of the post.

Survey Merchandiser (SM) is an app that reminds me of secret shopping, but is much more than that. It’s a pretty simple app to use and understand. Here is a screenshot of the menu.


Here you will actually see what assignments are available. You can toggle between assignments you have been assigned, jobs you’ve requested, and available assignments in the area. Or you can use the “globe” to see their location. I prefer this way best as I can visually see how far away a particular may be, I try not to drive more than 20 minutes. Tiny, my 3500 Chevy Silverado Dually, is my primary vehicle, and doesn’t have the best gas mileage. I also try to keep assignments close to where I am running errands that day. Note: be sure to toggle between the three options at the bottom, the map will show only one of the options at a time. As you can see in the screen below, there isn’t much going on right now. But this can change quickly so be sure to check every day!

Once you click on a job, you’ll see:

The first screen shows you the due by date. As you can see, I need to visit this Target by tonight. This is a recurring job, once a week, I go back to this Target. Please note: not all jobs are recurring. The second screen shows you the location and can take you right to your maps app. The last screen gives you the project info. This job in particular, I need to take photos and scan all the barcodes on endcaps, up to 100, for $25. This sounds time consuming but they have created a cool way to grab the barcodes FAST! Last time, it took an hour and a half, that was my first time. Now that I know what I’m doing the second time around, I’m hoping to get it done in an hour.

Things to note about assignments

If the job says “shipment required,” this means they must send you something to complete this job. Make sure your shipping address is correct. They usually want the assignment completed within 48 of receiving the shipment. I have done this twice now and once it was the wobbly signs to hang off a shelf or hangtag coupons.

If the job says “join wait list” it means someone has already claimed that assignment, but click it to get next in line.

Most assignments need to be complete within 4-6 hours of you claiming. What I typically do is check it in the morning, and plan my errands around those assignments. Once I leave the house, then I claim them. I once claimed 6 jobs in the same morning and didn’t leave for another hour and I was able to complete them all, but literally uploaded the last assignment at the deadline! So, don’t be like me.

You will NOT be able to start the assignment until the app sees you are near the store. Which also means you can’t see EXACT details either. The info gives you basic knowledge, as in, you are to “set up wobblers.” Sounds easy. Once you get to the store and hit start, it goes screen by screen with very easy tasks. For example, on a recent 7-eleven trip, I was asked first “is the store open?”, then “did you find the products?” then take pictures of said products, how many are on the shelf, etc. You get the idea.

Upload Assignments

This screen is pretty self explanatory. Once your shop is done, you click upload. Please be sure you are in an area with good connection.


Learning Center, Weekly Agenda and My profile

All of these tabs are minimal usage, but can help you keep your information organized.



Messages is where you will communicate with the staff. Usually they reply rather quickly even if it does state it could take up to 24-48 hours.


Refer a Friend

One of my favorite screens! Everyone gets a referral code. You receive a 10% bonus on your friend’s assignments up to a $100 cap. Please use my code – jahnaelPNDE


Payment Center

They pay THREE times a month via PayPal! Around the 1st, 10th and 20th! Minimal payout is $7.50.

You can download yours here on the iTunes and Google Play and please use my code – jahnaelPNDE

Good Luck and let me know how you enjoy it and if you have any questions!