What do you do…

is the question that is asked of us most often.  Well, I am a National Project Manager for a Disaster Restoration Company!  So what is this, you may be asking? Basically a traveling construction manager specializing in commercial insurance losses.  This role an income allows my family and me the opportunity to travel all over America, from places like Riverside, CA to Braintree, MA and EVERYWHERE in between.

How did I get started?

I have been in this industry since 2003. Starting out in a local office in Middle GA.  During that time I was only doing residential and small commercial projects within a scaled area.  My personal drive and strong work ethic allowed me to grow from an  entry level technician position to upper management within a year.   From there I teamed up with a wonderful man in Macon, GA and helped create a restoration division of his already successful company.  After half a decade of a leadership position there, while creating branches throughout the Southeast USA;  I was driven for something more.

While living in Florida an opportunity appeared. This allowed me to join a team and use my numerous certifications that I’ve acquired over the years to expand on my skills on a National level.   This allowed me opportunity to work for amazing companies and organizations.

Although I may have “switched shirts” throughout my nearly 15 years of doing this, the rewards have been truly amazing.

How does my profession work with our lifestyle?

To be honest, we feel that my profession is the best for our nomadic way of living!  Starting in 2012, I began spending less time at home with family on 3-5 month long projects.  Over time that grew to 5-8months and even to nearly a year in one area…. In 2015 we calculated me being way for 47 weeks that year.

After moving 14 times in 12 years, we joked about living in a bus and just traveling to work sites. This came true to us in 2016. Recently I was the Project Manager on a large college that was affected by a tornado. I knew this was going to be a long project. I was right, we spent 8 months on this assignment.  Luckily we had our rig, and was set up 5 minutes down the road. While working 7 days a week for 12 hours each day, having my family there with me made it perfect. Even while writing this post, I am on a project that began for me back on September 21st. It is likely that we will be here through April.

Where do you work?

One (of the many) thing that we love about what I do is the fact that we have NO idea where my next project will be.  Or how long we will be there. The way it works, is my phone will go off, and I will be informed of a fire at a hotel in New York, a flash flood in CA, or a sprinkler line burst in a mall in MO.

Most often I fly to the site, and spend a few days to gauge if my family should come out.  I wait to see the expected timeline of the project will be, the weather conditions and the area where the project is located. If it is small, a few weeks, my wife and children will stay behind at the last location or go somewhere they wish to visit.  If it is a long term project, Jahnae will look for a spot nearby and set up camp. Once the project ends we simply hang around that area or visit some other place until another assignment comes in.

I hope that this helps with explaining what it is that we do to support our lifestyle on the road. If you have any questions feel free to comment below!