Is pet insurance a thing?

Let me tell you! Yes, it is with Nationwide! I will also say that it’s not important to everyone, but having an English Bulldog means HIGH maintenance and HIGH bills.

I did a lot of research and decided to apply with Nationwide…is on yoooouuuur siiiiide. Come on, I know you just sang that too!

Honestly, we probably should have done it MUCH sooner. By the time I applied, Lucy was already 6 months and had incurred just around $1000 in vet bills including preventative care and meds, ie. heartworm and flea prevention.

But look at this face? It’s so worth it!

We decided to go with the Whole Pet with Wellness Plan. This plan is AMAZING! We paid a $175 deposit and around $80 a month for this coverage. We can go to ANY veterinarian, pay up front, then get reimbursed 90%, after you meet the $250 deductible. There were VERY little exclusions for us, just a few medical conditions they won’t reimburse. They also don’t cover: pre-existing conditions, non vet fees, such as tax or waste disposal, and boarding fees. Side note: I was surprised to be charged $10ish for waste disposal!

So we applied for insurance and everything was well with Lucy for a while. It did take about 2-3 weeks to be approved, they needed more info about Lucy’s previous vet visits. Once we were approved, things were still well with Lucy.

Insurance kicks in!

That is until the morning that we were scheduled to board her and leave the next day for a weekend trip. She did NOT eat her breakfast and that is very unlike her! Considering we were scheduled to drop her off that day, I decided to make a preemptive strike and take her to the vet immediately.

Of course, the moment we get there she is her happy go lucky self and they can see nothing wrong with her AT ALL! $48 charge for that! (but this was the start of our insurance deductible.) ย By the way, she was completely fine while we were gone. We also picked up a few months worth of her heartworm and flea prevention medicine. $80 towards the $250 deductible.

Just a few days later, we notice Lucy breaks out in hives! Her hair is short so you can see when there’s any kind of bump and there were a LOT! Then we noticed the right side of her face was getting puffy. We RAN to the vet! They diagnosed that she was bitten or stung by something near her eye and gave her a dose of allergy meds and sent us home. She was fine within a few hours. That was $143 towards the deductible. If you’re keeping track, we’ve met the deductible by now.

Dogs CANNOT eat raisins!

A month later, Lucy starts vomiting profusely. I call around to find someone that could see her. We were just getting to a new area and hadn’t located a vet yet. I found a 24 hour Emergency Vet not far from us. On the way there, I investigate the kids and realize that someone snuck her some of their raisin muffin for breakfast. After a quick google search, I realize this was probably the culprit! BUT to be on the safe side, we move forward with our vet visit. And again, Lucy acts as if nothing is wrong.

The vet takes a look at her and stated that he wanted to getย a radiograph to rule out that she hadn’t swallowed anything. I agree and allow the charges. OVER $600 later, the radiograph is clear and they send us home empty handed.

Two days later they call us in a RX for her stating that the lab work done on her urine showed that her White Cell count was low. So there’s another $90!

Time for that reimbursement!

I gather all my invoices, because at this point, I hadn’t even put in the first ones to hit the deductible. I was able to scan the invoices and send those in as separate claims. It took about a week but we were approved to be reimbursed 90% back, after our $250 deductible, of course! It was a simple process to get our money deposited into our account.

I was later informed that Nationwide has partnered with the app VitusVet found on both the Apple Store and Google Play. Making a claim is SUPER easy, no scanning needed!

In the end, we are extremely grateful for Nationwide.

Do you have pet insurance for your furry children? Tell us about it in the comments. If not, simply click here for a free quote!