One of the most common questions we’re asked.

How DO we get mail and if you have started looking into how to receive mail when on the road you would know there are several options.

Here are a few of the more traditional options:

We decided to go with a more untraditional option and rent a Postal Mail Box (PMB) at a UPS Store, one near our residence in Orlando, FL, and we rented the box for a year for $160.

The UPS store supplied us with an actual street address and not a PO box like the post office. Many of you probably know that not everyone can send mail to a PO box, so that option was out of the question for us.

We were able to change my license, and both the truck and RV registrations online. We are still “residents” of Orange County so we still have the ability to vote as well.

When it’s time for us to have our mail forwarded, we simply call the store. I have them toss all the magazines, honestly, I’m surprised even after a year now we are still receiving such a total waste of trees! I give them our current address and usually it’s just a handful of items that will fit in a priority mail envelope that they send for $9.95.

But what about packages?

Or other time sensitive materials? You have those mailed directly to where you are standing. We have only been to one location that didn’t accept postal service. (Totally weird, right?)

There is something called “General Delivery” at the local post office. Smaller PO’s may NOT offer this service, but the main branch in the area should. I prefer to go in there and make sure they accept General Delivery and if there is any special protocol. The one time I needed to do this, they made sure I had the right address. I needed something from Amazon and I had it sent via General Delivery. Your mailing address would look like this:

Your Name
General Delivery
123 Main Street
SomeCity, SomeState 45678

I would like to suggest adding your phone number if you have space. This way they can call you, doesn’t mean they will, just gives them the option to call you.

That’s the lowdown on how we receive mail. If you’re a full-time traveler like our family, let us know in the comments below how you receive your mail.