All About Dancer – Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS

First off, let’s talk go over the SEVERAL different models of RV’s. As you can see by the image below there are MANY to choose from. Considering we were planning to live in this RV full time, we quickly crossed off truck camper, folding camping trailer (aka pop up), travel trailer with extendable ends and Class B and C’s. We knew they would NOT be big enough for our family of 5 (pre-dog). We did consider a travel trailer or sport utility RV to be pulled with our Suburban, but we quickly found out that it wasn’t powerful enough for anything bigger than a “lite” model and those are TINY!

This left us with with the Class A and fifth wheels. Honestly, when we first started looking, we had NO interest in a fifth wheel. The idea of having to buy a truck to haul the RV was not something we wanted to do. So, we started seriously looking at Class A’s. LONG story short – banks were NOT going to approve us for a loan on a “luxury item” with our income. The banks thinking is “if something were to happen to the income, the RV would be the item to skip payments”. They didn’t know we were planning on living in it full-time, NOR did they NEED to know. That brings us to fifth wheels as our only option.

Our list of must haves:

  • prepped for washer/dryer
  • two set spaces – one for the parents, one for the kiddos
  • residential fridge
  • second toilet

We walked into a few different brands, but Jayco kept calling our name. They have a 2 year warranty! We found an authorized dealer in Orlando (be on the lookout for a blog post about our purchasing experience). The moment we stepped into the Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS we fell in love! At first, I was REALLY intimidated with the size. We’re talking 43.5″! That’s HUGE! Below is the floor plan. Our particular model came with the residential fridge and an actual table and chairs and not the dinette option.

This RV crossed off all our must haves and had FIVE slides! This is not typical amongst the fifth wheels we had seen. Our two largest slides come out three feet! The other three slides come out two feet! That adds FIVE extra feet to two of our rooms. Another plus for us is the “residential” shower. I’m pretty sure I’ve had smaller showers in the past in some apartments. However, the biggest, and still to this day over a year later, I am saddened by the queen bed. I sure do miss my king bed!

If you’d like a virtual tour of our RV, watch the video below. We filmed this on our maiden voyage and have since then made some changes. We will work on an update soon.

As for the name, my husband and oldest daughter are HUGE Elton John fans. Our truck is a 3500 Chevy Silverado Dually and we ironically named her Tiny. I wanted the RV and truck names to make sense when we’re hauling and one of Elton John’s songs, “Tiny Dancer” came to mind.

If you have any questions or would like more info on how to choose the specific RV for your family, comment below!